I can find the right location for your wedding. I design, purchase, rent or produce the decorations for the event. I advise on the best suitable experts for your requirements and coordinate their work. I connect you with my own network of florists, musicians, photographers, catering, dressmakers and tailors, graphic designers, video makers and many more. I help you optimize the costs. I resolve logistic problems and book the structures and services you need. I follow you step by step in the construction of your wedding and direct operations on the day of the event. I plan your wedding so that you need have no worries or problems.

In case you have already found a venue for your wedding, prefer to do your own planning, have chosen the caterer and other service providers, and don’t need a director for the party, but do want me doing something unique and special for the set up: flowers, decor, graphics, scenery, every detail will be taken care of, to leave your guests in awe. I will design a personalized project for you, in line with your taste and style. I will chose the best material and suppliers, and set up everything personally.

Each wedding is unique. In case you have particular needs, or whims, don’t hesitate to let me know and I will be happy to try and meet any request. With my team, we can offer a large range of services. Some examples?
We can book hotels for your guests and organize transport services;
if you need bureaucratic, legal and administrative assistance for the wedding, we can take care of that; in case you need a celebrant for a symbolic or religious wedding in your language or religion, we can find the right one for you. And much more…