“Viviana made our wedding day unforgettable! It was beautiful like in a fairy tail and the best part – we were both there to enjoy it, because Viviana made sure it went smoothly with no stress for us, taking care of everything. When I was looking for a wedding planner, I thought of simply getting some help to prepare the wedding. It turns out that Viviana became the most important person during the preparation time – she became my psychologist, my stylist, my personal assistant and my dearest friend!!!  Me and my husband both said afterwards that the day was so beautiful, easy and fun that we want to get married again! I would recommend Viviana with all my heart!!”

Natalia Merkusheva & Giuseppe Ilardi

Umbria, October 1, 2016



“Viviana and her staff went above and beyond to help realise the vision we had, and put in the kind of effort that is only possible when someone really loves what they do. From countless email exchanges in the months leading up to the wedding, and great advice and firm guidance when we were indecisive or procrastinating, to the most beautiful decor and setup we have ever seen, and invisible but solid support during the day. One thing many guests commented on was the professionalism with which the event was run. They talk about how magical and special the wedding was. They still return to it in their thoughts, weeks and month after! For us, it was invaluable to have someone who really took the time to get to know us. In summary, if you want wedding planners that really, honestly, care about making your wedding hopes come true, and who will be a trusted friend and partner on the way there, hire BiancoAntico. Thanks again.”

Lotta Holmberg & Adrian Miotto

Tuscany, June 17, 2017



“We decided to get married, but we also knew that it would have been hard to find the right way to represent who we were, who we became as a couple and what this wedding meant for the two of us. It wasn’t just about plan our wedding day, it was about telling our story. We had just a few months to do everything, and the place we picked was far from where we live. Thus, we were in absolutely need to find someone, but we were scared that another person would have told… another story. We still don’t know how she took care of every single detail in barely five months, but she did, and she did it perfectly. She understood what we were looking for, and who/how we are, she selected the best options for us, and we just had to choose what we loved most. We were worried that organizing our wedding would be stressful. Thankfully Viviana did it for us, but much better than what we would have ever done.”

Gaia de Campora & Luciano Giromini

Tuscany, August 27, 2016


“Professionalism, energy, sympathy, tranquillity and heart. In every detail of our wedding you could see through the heart the infinite attention to detail, the expert eye and Viviana’s aesthetics sensibility. Since we met she never abandoned me, always there, always reassuring: phone calls, messages, inspections of the sites for a fun and dynamic making process that led us to the realization of our dream: a fairy tale wedding of an enchanting beauty. I enjoyed my wedding so much and without worries because I knew she was the coordinating it. The perfect mix between heart and pragmatism.”

Paola Parisi & Settimio Di Castro

Rome, September 25, 2016



“My husband and I got married two years ago, in July. At first, we didn’t think to contact a wedding planner but, when we heard about Viviana Tarantino, we changed our mind. Viviana is extremely courteous, with great taste and she created for us an unforgettable event!
Everything has been planned in detail, without neglecting anything.
Viviana is very good at her job, because she loves her job! And that’s what makes her so unique.”

Valeria Roani & Pier Luigi Metelli

Umbria, July 11, 2015




“Me and my husband Vittorio are so happy to have met Viviana Tarantino before our wedding.  It was only three months before the wedding and she definitely saved our lives! She helped us understanding what we really wanted, choosing the best for us but also for our family and friends. She was there, every time we were in doubt for something or we were to busy to decide on our own.  After more than one year our guests are still talking about that day! And it was exactly the wedding we imagined for us.”

Lucia Trotta & Vittorio Amato

Amalfi Coast, September 20, 2015