Founder and creative director of BiancoAntico, and mom of Fosco.  

I love photography and experimental theatre. I like reading both Russian and French literature and Scandinavian thrillers. I listen to Indie rock. I am an aficionado of interior design and decoration, with a special passion for the old patinas of English decor, the luxury of French interiors, and the functional minimalism of Scandinavian design. I am a southern woman, a dreamer, a traveler. I live in the center of Rome, in the beautiful Rione Monti, the oldest neighborhood in the city, near the Colosseum.

I founded BiancoAntico in 2010, and since then much has changed, but one thing remains the same – my passion. The love, dedication, diligence, and commitment I put into the weddings that I organize have always been a constant, and this is what has characterized my brand and made it so special and unique in its kind.   My work has been featured in prestigious sector-specific blogs and numerous Italian magazines.