“Viviana made our wedding day unforgettable! It was beautiful like in a fairy tail and the best part - we were both there to enjoy it, because Viviana made sure it went smoothly with no stress for us, taking care of everything. When I was looking for a wedding planner, I thought of simply getting some help to prepare the wedding. It turns out that Viviana became the most important person during the preparation time - she became my psychologist, my stylist, my personal assistant and my dearest friend. Me and my husband both said afterwards that the day was so beautiful, easy and fun that we want to get married again! I would recommend Viviana with all my heart ”


"No words can describe the beauty and effort that Laura and Viviana put in their work!! We were beyond blessed to have them as our wedding planners. Ever since I stumbled upon their work on social media I knew that, without a shadow of a doubt; they are the wedding planners for us!

Since our first skype meeting, I felt at ease, and I started to see our intimate Italian dream wedding taking shape. They made the whole process absolutely easy and beautiful, from the choice of venue to the selection of the most talented vendors, to the decor project!! it was all a dream coming true!!

I met them once in person when I flew to Italy prior to my wedding and I instantly felt this connection with them, they are absolutely sweet and beautiful human beings and their passion, filled my heart with joy!

On the wedding day, well, I was a bit stressed in the morning but when Viviana and Laura came, when I saw their faces, I felt relaxed and super at ease, they have this positive energy that is super contagious!!!
All-day, it felt like I was floating on a cloud, it was even more beautiful than I have ever imagined, truly! Everything, every small detail was absolutely beautiful, all the people that were working at our wedding were amazing and their energy was beautiful, they were the dream team!!

All our guests were at awe! They still talk about our wedding till this day, and they describe it as the most beautiful and emotional wedding they've ever been to... and I quote one of the guests saying "you know this fairytale wedding that you can't even imagine, well your wedding was beyond imagination and beyond a fairytale"

To sum it up, I really can't thank you both enough for making something that is far beyond a beautiful and emotional journey!! And I truly appreciate your passion for making dreams come true.
Laura and Viviana, you are a dream and you are what I call superwomen!!! "


"We decided to hire Viviana to plan our wedding in Italy, remotely from New York. Going into planning, we were nervous about the fact that our guests were flying in from 8 different countries, and that we wanted to do our best to exceed their expectations. Our wedding was absolutely gorgeous and the planning was relatively stress- and hands-free. Viviana put together a great team of photographer, floral designer, caterer and other vendors: we could have not asked for a better done job. She has a strong preference and style, which worked in my favor because that was the reason why we chose her. If you would like a romantic rustic stylish wedding in Italy – you should definitely engage Viviana!"


“We decided to get married, but we also knew that it would have been hard to find the right way to represent who we were, who we became as a couple and what this wedding meant for the two of us. It wasn't just about plan our wedding day, it was about telling our story. We had just a few months to do everything, and the place we picked was far from where we live. Thus, we were in absolutely need to find someone, but we were scared that another person would have told... another story. We still don't know how she took care of every single detail in barely five months, but she did, and she did it perfectly. She understood what we were looking for, and who/how we are, she selected the best options for us, and we just had to choose what we loved most. We were worried that organizing our wedding would be stressful. Thankfully Viviana did it for us, but much better than what we would have ever done.”


“My husband and I got married two years ago, in July. At first, we didn't think to contact a wedding planner but, when we heard about Viviana Tarantino, we changed our mind. Viviana is extremely courteous, with great taste and she created for us an unforgettable event!
Everything has been planned in detail, without neglecting anything.
Viviana is very good at her job, because she loves her job! And that's what makes her so unique.”


"Having Viviana and Laura as our wedding stylists and planners was one of the best decisions we ever made regarding our wedding. These ladies are not only aesthetically brilliant and incredibly organised, but such lovely people as well. They were able to take the disparate, random ideas I had about the style, decor and flow of the day and create the most magical wedding we could have hoped for. Crucially, they were able to maintain the perfect balance between being mindful of our wishes and ideas but also being firm in explaining whether they were practical/workable. They were able to work seamlessly with all the different vendors involved and it was thanks to them that we felt zero stress on our wedding day and could just relax and enjoy every second of it. Our guests still speak about how wonderful the day was, and some even said they wish they could get married again but with Viviana and Laura styling and planning their wedding! We had and have the utmost faith in them and cannot praise or recommend them enough, and we are eternally grateful for all their hard work in creating such an amazing wedding day for us to look back on. If you are looking to have a wedding full of stunning decor, original, unique ideas and perfect organisation, look no further."


"Viviana is a great professional, always reliable and with a special ability at creating unique atmospheres with great attention to detail. We felt very confident during the whole preparation and in the moments of doubt she was able to advice us on the best thing to do. The day of our wedding was perfect, just as we always dreamed.”


"Viviana and Laura worked tirelessly on our wedding to ensure it was a great day for us, our family and our friends.
We were always able to contact them, day or night, which obviously helped when trying to organise a wedding from another country.
Their attention to detail, is what really sets them apart from other wedding planners.
Everyone commented how spectacular a day it was and this is testament to the hard work which Viviana and Laura put in to organising our special day.
They made sure our wedding was truly memorable and will live long in our memories. We can’t thank them enough! "


“Professionalism, energy, sympathy, tranquillity and heart. In every detail of our wedding you could see through the heart the infinite attention to detail, the expert eye and Viviana's aesthetics sensibility. Since we met she never abandoned me, always there, always reassuring: phone calls, messages, inspections of the sites for a fun and dynamic making process that led us to the realization of our dream: a fairy tale wedding of an enchanting beauty. I enjoyed my wedding so much and without worries because I knew she was the coordinating it. The perfect mix between heart and pragmatism.”


“Me and my husband Vittorio are so happy to have met Viviana Tarantino before our wedding. It was only three months before the wedding and she definitely saved our lives! She helped us understanding what we really wanted, choosing the best for us but also for our family and friends. She was there, every time we were in doubt for something or we were to busy to decide on our own. After more than one year our guests are still talking about that day! And it was exactly the wedding we imagined for us.”


How do you thank someone for organising the wedding of your dreams? Laura and Viviana went above and beyond to help realise the vision we had, and put in the kind of effort that is only possible when someone really loves what they do. From countless email exchanges in the months leading up to the wedding, and great advice and firm guidance when we were indecisive or procrastinating, to the most beautiful decor and setup we have ever seen, and invisible but solid support during the day. One thing many guests commented on was the professionalism with which the event was run, whilst still being very relaxed and fluid enough to allow for surprises and impromptu contributions by the guests. Most of all though, they talk about how magical and special the wedding was - a combination of the setting, the food, the wine, the decor, the people, and the wonderful series of events and experiences during the day, all developed by us together with Laura and Viviana. They still return to it in their thoughts, weeks and month after! For us, it was invaluable to have someone who really took the time to get to know us. In our first call with Laura, she was mostly quiet and just listened intently. That was very different to some other wedding planners we had spoken to! In the end, she was able to tell us what we wanted, when even we didn’t know. And she was right! In summary, if you want wedding planners that really, honestly, care about making your wedding hopes come true, and who will be a trusted friend and partner on the way there, hire these two. Thanks again guys!