Helping you plan your wedding, from the very first steps up to the day you get married, is what always guarantees the best results. This is why I offer general coaching on all aspects of the wedding, and a complete, effective service tailored to meet all your needs and make the journey smooth and easy. Planning your perfect day involves a wide range of things that need to be arranged, each one with extreme care. I take care of all these things, from the most important down to the smallest details, so you are only left with the pleasant task of choosing the options you prefer.

I listen to you and learn what your needs and desires are, and then I carefully plan your wedding.  I find the right venue for the wedding and choose, purchase or hire the decorations for setting it up. I recommend the professionals best suited to your needs, and coordinate them. I help you optimize costs, and I place my own trusted suppliers at your disposal. I solve logistical problems and book the facilities and services you need. I assist you step by step in the planning of your wedding, and I am in charge of directing all the wedding day events. Find out how it works.


To me every wedding is unique, and this is why I tailor my projects to cater to each individual couple. Style, of course, is something to which I dedicate a lot of attention and is the result of a consistent and harmonious project, a careful selection of the vendors most suitable for seeing it through, and the impeccable performance of all the professionals involved. The project is developed on the basis of your needs and wishes, accommodating your tastes and observing your set budget, the season, and the chosen venue. The result is an original, creative and elegant set-up made up of colours, lights, scents and materials that blend perfectly with the surrounding environment, enveloping you and your guests in an atmosphere of magical charm.



The key to a successful wedding event is excellent planning. Thanks to my many years of experience in this sector I am well acquainted with all the dynamics of the event, and am able to prevent the most common mistakes and effectively solve any problems that may arise along the way. I carefully select the vendors and coordinate their work, ensuring harmony and consistency among all those involved. I book the services you need and monitor every aspect of the wedding so that nothing is overlooked or left to chance.




In my work, the timeline is essential. Both in the planning phase and on the day of the event, I make sure that everything works without delays or hitches, and according to the set timeline.

In this crucial phase, my team and I offer support and expertise not only to you, but also to all your guests. We want everyone to feel cared for, in fact, and to take home a pleasant memory of this special day.

My psychological support is usually something that brides especially are eternally grateful for. The wedding day, in fact, can be extremely stressful for the bride, but I will be there by your side to offer discreet but substantial advice and reassurance.



The mere realisation of a project, however well done, does not guarantee superior results. What makes preparations so special that guests are completely bowled over, what makes the wedding truly memorable (or ideal material for a prestigious publication) is that extra touch which, in technical jargon, we call ‘styling’. In my wedding set-ups attention to detail is a finely-tuned skill. I personally see to the finishing touches, and I like to enhance the set-ups with something personal, original and unexpected, such as an Indian silk drape or an exquisite antique object from my private collection, some unique detail that will make your wedding a charming and distinctly stylish event.



I love travelling, and have the good fortune to work all over Italy, where I am continually discovering enchanting new places. Some of these are full of charisma but relatively unknown, while others are already internationally famous for their beauty, but the places I propose to couples are always special, rich in history and authentic charm. I firmly believe that the choice of venue is essential to the success of an event, and I always focus wholeheartedly on choosing the perfect place.  

I have put together a guide on my favourite locations, which you can easily consult on this site. The possibilities, however, are endless; my team and I will find you the venue of your dreams, a unique and special location that will fully suit your needs and be perfect for you and your wedding.



Do you work alone?

No, I run a team: the weddings are managed by a team headed by myself and another senior wedding planner. On the day of the wedding the team is composed of 3 to 5 people, depending on the complexity of the event.

Do you do weddings only in your area?

No, I love travelling and I organize events all over Italy. My travel expenses are always calculated in advance and reimbursed at the end of the work.

Do you take care only of coordination or set-up?

No, I prefer to deal with all aspects of the wedding, so I am able to guarantee the results you expect from me.

How much will we spend for consulting? And how much for the wedding?

My consulting fees depend on the number of guests and the logistics of the event. Write to me and I will be happy to provide you with a quote.
For my weddings a budget upward of 40k should usually be considered. There are, of course, many factors to consider, so I will calculate the budget with you, based on your needs and wishes.

How will we pay for services and vendors?

I prefer a policy of transparency: you will pay for services and vendors directly, after approving the estimates that I submit to you.

Do you work only with your own vendors?

Mainly, yes, with some rare exceptions. In order to guarantee the best results I prefer to choose my own team of collaborators.